7 Best Virtual Universities For Education In 2022

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As the world changes and new industries start, there is more to learn. The internet is now one of the best ways to learn new skills or more about any subject. Professionals in history, scientific knowledge, business, design, and other fields make online courses through online learning platforms to impart their expertise to a wide audience.

Online learning is a handy way for people who wish to continue their education, learn new skills, or change careers to receive a high-quality education at their own pace without signing up for a traditional university program. These virtual education platforms may teach with the help of e-journals, e-books, and audio and video clips.

After you finish a course on many of these online learning platforms, you can get a certificate. You can either get these online courses for free or pay for them. Online courses are usually shorter and cheaper than full-time college courses and cover the most important skills and topics in the field.

Top 7 Online Learning Platforms

Some of these online learning platforms use the typical college curriculum for their courses, while others take a more general, non-academic approach to teaching. Here are 7 of the best online learning platforms that offer free and paid courses and training in a wide range of fields to meet the needs of learners at all levels, from beginners to professionals.


Coursera is the top supplier of massive open online lessons. It works with universities and organizations all over the world to offer a wide range of paid and free in-depth courses to people all over the world.

Coursera offers one of the largest selections of courses, specializations, and degree programs from universities. Coursera offers almost a thousand free courses, many of which are video lectures by experts from top universities and organizations. Most of these courses give you a certificate when you finish.


Udemy is one of the most popular places to learn online. It has courses in many professional fields and courses to improve specific skills, all taught by experts. There are both free and paid parts to these online courses. Paid courses on Udemy cost anywhere from $13 to $500, and there are often discounts and class specials.

The price range depends on how specialized the course is. Udemy’s free courses work in a way that is similar to Coursera’s, and the site also lets people use lessons to make their courses. On Udemy, experts in many different fields can create and share their courses with the platform’s huge number of users.

Learning on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning, which used to be known as Lynda, is one of the best online learning platforms. It has many courses and a library of tutorials covering business, creative thinking, and technology.

This is another learning site with free and paid content written by experts. These courses range from those for beginners to those for experts, and when you finish one, you get a certificate. Subscriptions to LinkedIn Learning start at $20 per month, but new users can try it out for free for 30 days.


edX is one of the most well-known places to learn online worldwide. Harvard and MIT made it. edX works with some of the best universities and institutions in the world to remove the cost, location, and access barriers to traditional schooling while still providing high-quality content. Most courses on edX are free. But there is a fee to get a verified certificate once the course is done.


Udacity is one of the online education platforms with a strong focus on technology. It offers free courses in programming, information science, and web development. This platform gives students access to online courses and qualifications that teach them the skills that are in demand by employers in their field.

Udacity has a nanodegree program for people who want to learn a set of skills or start a career in technology. There are real-world projects in these courses, and they are tried to teach by experts who give feedback on the tasks.


Earth School


Academic Earth is another one of the best places to learn online. It has a collection of free online courses from top universities and colleges worldwide. You can search by university or subject to find a specific course on this site. Courses on Academic Earth are made to fit both personal needs.


Alison has free online courses experts in different fields have made to help people learn and improve their skills. The platform has resources for students, people looking for jobs, and other types of learners. It’s for everyone who wants to learn, from personnel and managers to educators and independent workers. Alison also lets you keep track of all your courses so you can see how well you are learning.

So many virtual education platforms offer courses in so many different fields. You can take courses on these sites to finish a degree, get a certificate, learn skills to move up in your career, or learn about something completely different. People can learn at their own pace and access many resources when taking online courses.

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